backpack that can charge your phone

Backpack that can charge your phone

Charge Your Phone with a Smart Backpack 

A backpack that can charge your phone. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? And yet here I am, on a train, charging my phone from my pack. How is this possible? I’ve got something called a smart backpack, and you can have one too. 

The humble backpack. It’s largely replaced the briefcase as the go-to carry-all for professionals. Partly that’s down to fashion, but mostly it’s down to convenience and the physical ease of carrying stuff over our shoulders. 

If you carry a backpack, you probably throw all your gadgets in there and it probably does a good job at looking after them. But what if your backpack could do more than store your gadgets? What if it could make life easier too?

Smart backpacks 

As technology has evolved, so have our requirements to store it. Since the 2000s, most backpacks have had an internal compartment for a laptop and a side compartment for a mobile phone. Sounds good if you live in the 2000s – not so much if you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop and Nintendo 3DS to lug around today. 

Smart backpacks are the replacement for the standard backpack. These backpacks can store all your gear and charge up your electronics on the go. If you’re looking for a backpack that can charge your phone, a smart backpack is what you want. 

There’s three main benefits to smart backpacks, which we will look at now: 

  1. Storage 

Smart backpacks are designed to accommodate all the gadgets we carry around on ourselves in the 21st century. That means your smartphone, tablet, MacBook, Nintendo 3DS and everything in-between. Typically, smart backpacks have several compartments, pockets and hidden storage areas for all your gadgets. 

Top tip: Smart backpacks come in a wide range of sizes. Look for backpacks with plush or heavy-duty padding to protect your expensive kit. 

  1. Charging 

Smart backpacks can charge your gadgets on the go. They feature internal cabling to accommodate mobile charging banks. If you have a mobile charging bank, you just have to connect it to the backpack’s USB port. This means you can charge all your devices on the go without worrying about the connection being snagged. 

Top tip: Some smart backpacks have a built-in battery pack with solar charging. These command a higher price but negate the issue of forgetting your own power bank. 

  1. Enhanced security features

Because they are designed to accommodate expensive gadgets, smart backpacks typically have enhanced anti-theft features. Lockable zips are an obvious addition (many zips on regular backpacks are not compatible with a padlock). Hidden pockets and fake pockets are another addition. You’ll also find that smart backpacks with a charging function are at the very least water resistant. Some are even water proof. 

Top tip: Hidden zippers are the best deterrent for pick pockets. A water repellent outer material will be waterproof enough for the average commuter. 

The Best Smart Backpacks 

Unusually for a product that makes life easier (people pay big money for these things), smart backpacks are no less affordable than regular backpacks. Yes, they can get expensive as you go upmarket, but they cram in features that make it worthwhile. 

The best smart backpacks charge your phone with juice to spare. Some even have a built-in Bluetooth speaker that’s powered off its own battery pack. We’ll recommend three products below which are well reviewed online. These are all excellent choices in 2018, and they’re available through which keeps prices competitive. 

backpack that can charge your phone

  1. Solgaard Design Lifepack 

The bottom line: A high-end all-in-one with unbeatable features. 

The Solgaard Design Lifepack is one of the best backpacks that can charge your phone. For well under £200, it offers great value with a solar-powered in-built power bank that’ll charge your smartphone six times. An integrated 3-number combination lock provides a high level of security, while secret pockets let you store things like your passport, cards and cash safely. This backpack has an in-built Bluetooth speaker and is water resistant. Uniquely, there’s an in-built rain cover (basically a hood) for extra rain protection. 

backpack that can charge your phone

  1. Sosoon Smart Backpack

The bottom line: A budget backpack with plenty going for it. 

The Sosoon Smart Backpack is a top budget recommendation. For under £30, you get a backpack that’ll charge your phone and tablet. It doesn’t have its own power bank; it uses yours. There’s an internal cable inside the backpack and an external USB port for hooking up your devices quickly. Accessible hidden pockets and an invisible zipper take care of every day security. There’s two backpack versions – one for a 15.6” laptop and a larger one that’ll carry a 17” laptop. The price difference is just a few pounds between them. 

backpack that can charge your phone

  1. SLOTRA Smart Backpack

The bottom line: A stylish, secure and exceptionally durable mid-range backpack. 

The SLOTRA Smart Backpack fits a laptop up to 15.6” and has an external USB port for hooking up your devices for charging. Add your own portable charge bank to satisfy your power needs. This laptop is a traveller’s dream because it has an easily accessible separate laptop compartment for customs. The main compartment is also heavily padded to protect from shock. It’s an incredibly durable backpack, and best of all, it’s got an enormous range of hidden pockets. Add a USB hub to charge multiple devices at once. 

backpack that can charge your phone

  1. BAIBU Solar Charging Backpack

The bottom line: A backpack that’ll charge your phone with solar power. Enough said. 

The BAIBU Solar Charging Backpack is a relative newcomer to the smart backpack scene but it’s got the features to standout. It has an enormous solar panel on the front which is connected to a USB cable. You can charge your phone from the backpack using solar as the only power source on a sunny day. Need more power? Hook up your power bank. The solar panel will keep your power bank topped up. At under £60, it’s a snip. Water proof fabric and 8 pockets complete the package. Perfect for commuting and travelling alike. 


Backpack that can charge your phone

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