best smart backpacks in 2018

The 5 Best Smart Backpacks In 2018: Where Style Meets Technology

The 5 Best Smart Backpacks In 2018: Where Style Meets Technology

Let’s face it - we are living in an era that will be best known by the technology boom. From gadgets to platforms, it seems like everything is transforming in a better version. The bulky computers were replaced by lightweight laptops, traditional watches have been replaced by smartwatches and smartphones have been one of the major discoveries in the 21st century.

The travel industry has also been transformed completely. With the introduction of smart backpacks, the world saw backpacks that do more than just storing your clothes and water. From charging your phone to locating themselves, they can handle a lot of features and still be compact, stylish and practical.

In order to show you all of these amazing features, we are listing our top five smart backpacks in 2018 - with all of their amazing features.

1.SLOTRA Anti theft Laptop Backpack                         best smart backpacks

First on our list is the SLOTRA smart backpack. Designed of anti-scratch materials and fully water-resistant, this is one of those smart backpacks that is perfect for sports, hiking or just strolling around major cities. On top of that, this smart backpack can open up to 180 degrees wide, giving you easy access to the things you have inside (no more pulling and messing up your clothes). 

The outside is where things get impressive. SLOTRA designed this backpack with technology in mind - and that is best seen through its USB port which can be connected to a power bank inside the bag. With this, charging your phone is a breeze and you won’t have to chase another Starbucks store (or a nearby hut in the mountains). Truly exceptional, right?


2.Fresion 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack                                               best smart backpacks

Second of all is the Fresion smart backpack which is neat and stylish from a first look. Aside from it looks, this backpack is known to perform really well when travelling, hiking or cycling. There is a pocket for a water bottle (or umbrella), zipper pockets and a separate compartment for a laptop.

Tech-wise, this smart backpack packs a USB port and an anti-theft pocket on the arm straps - putting your credit cards and cash closer to your eyesight. Thanks to its waterproof material and comfortable design, the Fresion is one of those smart backpacks that offer great value for money.


3.Della Gao Water Resistant Smart Charging Backpack   best smart backpacks

Della Gao is another name in the smart backpacks industry. With this water resistant backpack model, it proves that the brand cares for all the modern features that backpacks of this kind have nowadays. For starters, the backpack is designed to open itself up to 180 degrees for easy reach and maneuverability.

On top of that, the backpack has a separate laptop compartment (supporting laptops to 17 inches) and an external USB port that can connect to your power bank - and therefore charge all your gadgets wherever you are. Customers also love the handy hidden pocket on the back which is ideal for stashing away your wallet or smartphone in an easy way.


4.Estarter Laptop Backpack With USB Charging Port       best smart backpacks

If you are looking for a backpack that is more formal, this is definitely an option to consider. The Estarter smart backpack features a couple of internal and external pockets and different compartments. Some of the most convenient ones include the compartment for smartphone, the one for earphones as well as the mini-sized ones for pens, notepads etc.

Externally, this smart backpack is made of a water resistant fabric, protecting you against light rain. There is also an external USB cable that can connect to any power bank - preventing battery drainage on any of your gadgets. The capacity, comfort and versatility of this product is what puts it in the list of the best smart backpacks in 2018.


5.BAIBU Solar Charging Backpack                                        best smart backpacks

The BAIBU smart backpack has one of the best features that everyone would need - the solar charging option. Literally, this backpack features a solar panel connected to its (external) USB port which means that as long as there is sun, the batteries on all of your gadgets will be alive. 

The outer material of this smart backpack also allows protection from light rain. There are several different pockets and compartments inside it too. The solar collector is one of the most functional feature which offers a smooth surface (you won’t even notice it), abrasion resistance, high efficiency and good light.

Reliable, convenient and functional, this is definitely one of the best smart backpacks on the market.

A Final Word

In the end, all of these smart backpacks show that the bar for technology in the travel industry has been set higher - all thanks to these manufacturers and their innovation. Today, backpacks are more than just travel items - they are fashion accessories and tech gadgets that serve a great purpose.

Do you own a smart backpack of this kind?

If yes, way to go! 

If not, you can always buy one and take part in the evolution of the travel industry, all while making your travels easier and more productive!

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