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budget power bank

Need A Power Bank?

Looking for a budget power bank? No one likes the Battery on there mobile running out least of all those addicted social media or sending off a couple hundred texts a day. All of which as we know drains the battery. The main reason I purchased a powered bank was for camping trips with my son. We both have mobile phones and like to be able to keep them handy as we use them a lot for navigation and photographs as well as staying connected.

Before I made the purchase I checked through a lot of power banks on a lot of different websites and read through a decent amount of the reviews. I didn't want to spend the earth but I still wanted something that was good quality and could do the job I needed it to do. The budget power bank I eventually settled on was the Trust Urban Power Bank from Amazon and when it arrived I was very pleased with my decision.

The Honest Review

It only cost around £12 for the 12000mAh version with free delivery which is very good value considering it's sturdy nature and quality feel. It does take quite a while to charge the power bank but once fully charged it can deliver four full charges for a iPhone 7 and i’ve even used it to charge up the iPad. There are two output USB ports a 1 Amp and 2 Amp making it compatible with many different devices as some require a lower Amp charge. The battery charge indicator has four blue bars showing you how much juice is left in the power bank and also shines blue to tell you the button has been pressed to start charging. The best feature of this power bank at least from a camping point of view is the LED torch light. It actually shines pretty bright and gives off plenty enough light to stop you clambering around in the dark. Best of all as long as you keep the power bank charged you know you always have a torch handy.

budget power bank

Final Word

I would definitely recommend the Trust Urban Power Bank after 2 years and lots of use mines still working as good as the day I got it. So if your looking, on a budget and like value for money its absolutely worth checking out.

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